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Life Insurance

Life insurance is critical in protecting your family from financial difficulties. Whether you are the main income provider or not, each person brings financial benefits to the family. This same review also applies to your business. Did you know that life insurance can also be used to fund buy-sell agreements? There are many different types of life insurance plans and determining the best program can be confusing. Our role is to help you assess which life insurance program provides you the best value. Alpena Agency believes informed customers make the smartest choices and we stand by ready to guide you.

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Group Health Insurance

Health insurance is one of the most important and expensive type of insurance a business will purchase. Having the right plan will allow the company to maintain and attract the best employees. At Alpena Agency, we work with Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Priority Health, Assurant, United health Care, Liberty Union, and other health insurers in order to meet this goal.  We have dedicated Health Insurance experts that help you decide which program provides the right combination of coverage and premium. Whether you have a group of one or 1,000, we can help you design a plan that matches your situation. With employee health plans constantly changing, and costs becoming a bigger factor, never assume that your current plan is still the best plan available, contact Alpena Agency to be sure.


Group Life and Disability Insurance

We can provide group life or group disability insurance for your business. This is an inexpensive way to provide additional employee benefits to help you retain your employees and provide important coverage for the owner(s). Group programs cut insurance costs significantly so whether the business pays the premium or the employee, you both win. Let us help you design a program that will fit your situation

To ensure that we fully understand your needs and that you have a solid grasp of all the alternatives, we do not quote insurance over the Internet. Contact Us for assistance.