Individual Health, Obamacare - Marketplace Plans & Medicare Supplements

We have helped hundreds of individuals with their Individual Health Insurance needs.  For most people going it alone can be a confusing process so we work with you to make it easy.  Individual health insurance can be written directly with the companies or through the government's Marketplace website.  We can help you with either approach – we’ll discuss all the available plans, the cost and benefits and help you through the online application process.  Ask us your questions so you know exactly what your buying and the coverage you can expect.   This has been a constantly changing environment but we are here year after year to help you through it.  We write directly for Blue Cross Blue Shield and Priority Health.  Both of these companies offer plans that we can help you with.  If you’re going to the Marketplace website just call us and we can walk you through it as well.

Medicare Supplements is another area that can be confusing to individuals.  If your just turning 65 you can be bombarded by companies and agents trying to sell you coverage.   Our approach is far less aggressive.  We take our time and explain all the options and provide you the details you need to make an informed decision.  We have access to several providers so we are not limited to making one size fit all.   If you are already in a plan we can help you compare alternative plans during the open enrollment period each year.   We want you to be comfortable with your decision so we will take the time to explain the details and get to know your individual needs.   Alpena Agency has been serving Michigan since 1930 so you can trust us to be here when you have questions down the road.   We look forward to helping you.

Contact us and we will make the process quick, easy and friendly.

Individual Life, Disability & Long Term Care

Life Insurance is critical in protecting your family from financial difficulties. No one wants to leave their family's future up to chance but unfortunately serious accidents and injuries occur to people of any age.  Whether you are the main income provider or not, each person brings financial benefits to the family. There are many different types of life insurance plans and determining the best program can be confusing.

Our role is to help you assess which life insurance program provides you the best value for your needs.  Life insurance is a lot less expensive than you think.  Let us walk you through the process so you can see for yourself - there is never an obligation to purchase coverage.  We will provide you with the information you need to make a decision.  We have access to all the big life insurance companies so we can provide you with a great product at the best available price.

Individual Disability Insurance is an area that many people overlook.  While you may have income protection for on-the-job injuries through your employer's workers' compensation coverage you are still vulnerable to lost income due to other injuries or illnesses.  We have a number of disability polices tailored to fit your needs and that are affordable.  Let us discuss this important coverage and show you how it can help provide you financial security should an accident or illness occur.

Individual Long Term Care Insurance is another product that many people only recognize as importance after a loved one is in need of this critical and very expensive care.  Long term care is an insurance policy that pays part or all of the cost of an extended stay in a skilled nursing facility or in some cases at home with extensive in home care.  This type of long term care is not covered by your standard health or Medicare coverage.  The coverage can be affordable if purchased early before the need is at hand or potentially serious medical conditions have already manifested themselves.  Please ask about this coverage and we would be happy to provide more details about its costs and benefits.

If you would like to discuss any of these products just contact us.