We want to make your bill paying easy.  If you have any billing questions or are concerned about payments, late payments or the amount billed please call us.  Make sure you are leaving us enough time to solve any problems before late fees are assessed or a cancellation is processed.  Our team is ready to assist you.

Here are your bill paying options:

call us

Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm

(989) 354-2175

With most companies we can accept credit cards, debit cards or check by phone.

Pay online

With most companies you can either go to their website or download their app.  In addition to paying your bill you can access your policy information and auto ID cards online.  Click here to find company links.

stop in our office

Alpena Office    Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm

Mio Office    Monday, Wednesday & Friday  9am - 4:30pm

set up your bill eft

With most companies we can set up your payments to process electronically from your checking account, savings account or even your credit or debit card.  The company will notify you of your payment before your account is debited.  This is a very convenient payment method and has the least amount of service fees if any. Contact us and we will be happy to set this up for you.

u.s. mail

You can always mail in your payment 'the old-fashion way' using the bill provided by the company.  Just be sure to allow approximately 7-10 days for the company to process the payment in order to avoid late fees and possible cancellation.  If you have a question about whether there is enough time - just call us at (989) 354-2175 to avoid any problems.